Awards & Honors

VFAI Honors:

Year Life Time Contribution Outstanding Contribution Research Excellence
2015 Dr. Khuong Duc Nguyen Dr. Anh Viet Dang Dr. Anh Luong Tran
2017 Dr. Hieu Van Phan

Dr. Nhut Hoang Nguyen

Dr. Kien Dinh Cao

Dr. Quach Manh Hao

VICIF Awards:

Year Award Presenter Name Paper Title
05/06/2014 Best Paper Ambrus Kecskes Do Analysts’ Preferences Affect Corporate Policies?
04/06/2015 Best Paper Mitch Warachka Tobin’s q Does Not Measure Firm Performance: Theory, Empirics, and Alternatives
09/06/2016 Best Paper Minh Nguyen High Frequency Trading And Treasury Bond Returns
22/06/2017 Best Paper 1 William Bazley Spend or Save New Wealth? Evidence from the Shale Gas Boom
22/06/2017 Best Paper 2 Kenny Phua Commonality in Analyst Coverage and Information Diffusion