Awards & Honors

VFAI Honors:

Year Life Time Contribution Outstanding Contribution Research Excellence
2015 Dr. Khuong Duc Nguyen Dr. Anh Viet Dang Dr. Anh Luong Tran


VICIF Awards:

Year Award Presenter Name Paper Title
05/06/2014 Best Paper Ambrus Kecskes Do Analysts’ Preferences Affect Corporate Policies?
04/06/2015 Best Paper Mitch Warachka Tobin’s q Does Not Measure Firm Performance: Theory, Empirics, and Alternatives
09/06/2016 Best Paper Minh Nguyen High Frequency Trading And Treasury Bond Returns
22/06/2017 Best Paper 1 William Bazley Spend or Save New Wealth? Evidence from the Shale Gas Boom
22/06/2017 Best Paper 2 Kenny Phua Commonality in Analyst Coverage and Information Diffusion