About VFAI

The existence of the Vietnam Finance Association International (VFAI) dates back in 2012 when a group of Vietnamese-origin scholars got together and decided to provide support and promote research in Vietnam. VFAI has successfully registered in the United Kingdom as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation with the following objects:

To advance education in the study of finance and economics and in particular the finance and economics of Vietnam, including by

  • Promoting research for the public benefit and the publication of the useful results,
  • The provision of  conferences and seminars, and
  • The publication of academic papers’.


VFAI is committed to achieve the above objects via its various activities such as:

  • Providing seminars, lectures, and training sessions in theoretical and empirical finance and financial economics to doctoral students and teachers in Vietnam who wish to improve their knowledge and develop their skills for teaching and research;
  • Providing mentoring and support to Vietnamese doctoral students who are studying at overseas universities where VFAI members are affiliated with or at Vietnamese universities in partnership with VFAI;
  • Providing scholarships to individual Vietnamese students for their doctoral education, especially those with financial hardship;
  • Offering grants to doctoral students and teachers in Vietnam for research databases, journal submission, and research-related training programs;
  • Providing comments and peer reviews to working research papers by doctoral students and teachers in Vietnam to improve the quality of their research outputs;
  • Providing guidance on research areas that may be relevant and valuable to the understanding and development of Vietnam’s financial markets and economy;
  • Facilitating research cooperation and collaboration between Vietnamese teachers and VFAI members and researchers around the world;
  • Linking up overseas researchers’ experience with local researchers’ knowledge of Vietnam’s financial markets and economy to improve the understanding of these markets and the quality of their information environment via research; and
  • Increasing interactions among academics, corporate sectors, and government bodies to improve the functioning and administering of Vietnam’s financial markets and its economic development.

VFAI CIO Constitution